The Hanger Trick!

September 28, 2017

Whenever someone tells me that they have sooooo much to donate, I can hear in their voice the mental exhaustion at just the thought of having to go through their closets.


My response has always been to use the Hanger Trick! This is something that I picked up on Pinterest a while back and have been able to put it into use in my own life.


It's simple and low maintenance.


All you have to do is switch all of the hangers in your closet backwards, and as you wear the clothes, you put them back into your closet with the hanger in its regular position. 


Then, after 3 months, 6 months or a year - depending on what you want to do and depending on how many seasons there are where you live - you can look at all of the hangers that we never flipped back around to know what you have not worn in that period of time.



It's just about as low maintenance as you can get since you will pretty much be carrying on with your regular closet and laundry maintenance routine.


And it's hard to argue with what should be tossed from your closet when you see that the hangers that have not moved during this time are staring right back at you.


These are the items that should be...

  • Sold

  • Donated

  • Swapped

  • Recycled or

  • Upcycled


BONUS: If you're really feeling brave, you can take everything out of your closet and decide as you put each one back in your closet or in the toss pile. This method is more effective than just flipping through your hangers, trying to make decisions while all of your clothes are compacted together. It's not only about the lack of visibility but when everything is still in your closet, you think to yourself, "let me think about this one" and you flip to the next without going back. Taking everything out of your closet forces you to make a decision about each piece individually. You'll be surprised how much you get rid of. Then, you can do the Hanger Trick ;)



Simple as that! I'm sure you'll feel much lighter!

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