Millennials in the Workforce - our first discussion

June 22, 2017


Thank you, Elissa, for capturing this moment during the discussion last night. This was one of Progress Clothing's first dialogues and we just wanted to get down to the nitty gritty details on what has changed in the "World of Work" today, and also what should change.


As society has developed and morphed over time, the definition of what is considered "professional" is changing as well. Therefore, we wanted to open up the conversation to everyone on where are these new lines of professionalism and is more change still needed?


Millennials want more value out of their work, we are striving for a work-life balance that many of our parents have not been able to have, we are questioning the worth of a college education as costs rise and employers now see bachelor degrees like high school diplomas, and we are doing our best to put ourselves first in order to gain our grounding and figure out how we can contribute to a decaying society.


One problem/solution or cause/effect that came up last night was the issue of the grueling workday that is never just 9-5pm or 8 hours long... We may work 9-5pm but in reality, our work day also includes our commute and is sometimes extended by bosses who try to have work after hours. Nevermind, that when we finish our work, we still have to stay during that time frame instead of having work be project-based.


The solution/what Millennials have been pushed to do by socio-economics is to turn to entrepreneurship. This is something that I, Sabrina, have been able to turn to recently by fully pursuing independent work. Using myself as an example of the cause/effect, I have been able to have more control over my work day and personal time. By running Progress Clothing and doing independent marketing, I have significantly cut down the number of work hours by removing/reducing my commute (I work at the shop or wherever the wifi is, like at home) and I have been able to have more control over my income resulting in me being able to work less hours for the same amount of pay. In the end, the ultimate reward is reducing my level of stress as caused by work. All of which are things that my fellow Millennials are seeking but are not always able to achieve.

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