What would make you happy?

May 4, 2017


What's the first thing that comes to mind for you? 📣 Doesn't have to be big. Just right in this moment, what would make you happy?


As I've been sick this week, this question came to mind while I was getting frustrated between needing to sleep but not being able to + going back and forth with feeling pressure to complete my workload but having the the hopeful idea that I would be forgiven for being sick.


Ultimately, I decided to get up and heat up the homemade immune boosting tea I made yesterday and sit by the window. Pick a different spot to rest and see what my body chooses to do. Again, with all this back and forth this question came up and my first answer was to do one of the two MailChimp emails that I have to do.


Probably not what you would have expected but with the deadlines that I have, this is something creative that I genuinely enjoy doing.


I recently heard that when you have big tasks on your plate, do the one that is most related to your passion or that gives you the most joy first. The idea is that if you do the most begrudging, heavy task that has been like a monkey on your back to complete first, that will set the tone for your day. Start with a task that you like first, get into your groove, feel content and productive, and the motivation will follow you throughout the day as you slide into your other, less favorable tasks.


So, as sick as I am right now, I'm going to start with something small that I like until my body decides that it's ready to rest again and will continue to try this work method after I'm better. The lines of my Work/Life Balance are obviously blurred, but as always, I know what we have to deal with now and will continue to seed in progress until I get to where I want to be. A line of thinking that I use in my life, my work, my community, and the lives of others. We might have to deal with things as they are now, but we can do something small each day til we get there. That's progress. That's a movement.

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