Tuesday, May 2  |  6-8pm

El Taller

275 Essex Street, Lawrence, MA


Millennials in the Workforce: Times are changing. Despite our financial hardships (*cough* student loans *cough* never ending *cough*), our generation strives to put happiness first. We've seen our parents struggle, grind through the 9-5 and often beyond that to sacrifice their happiness, leisure and even sanity to support us and make ends meet.

How much of these norms should stay the same and which should change? We as millennials are trying to navigate this world and make decisions for ourselves while discovering ourselves and staying afloat. 

How are you navigating the workforce? Have you chosen to become your own boss, an entrepreneur? Let's talk about it. All of it. 

#WorkLifeBalance #FreeEducation #UniversalHealthcare

50 Island Street
2nd Floor, Studio 15
Lawrence, MA 01840

978-566-9332 (calls/texts)

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